The Role Play Centre currently explores the world of Role Play within the Worlds of Secondlife.

SecondLife provides a Vast and powerful medium to the Role Player and Many 1000’s of people have found this to their advantage. The Role Play Centre aims to bring New and Old SecondLife people tot he world of RP.

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The one Stop place to find RP in the Internet

Welcome to the Role Play Centre.

Our aim is to provide a one Stop place to allow people who wish to RP, find what they are looking for.

Role Play (RP) is fast becoming the Game of choice for Many. It has existed for 1000’s of years in many forms and in this digital age, it has now reached MANY that it may not have reached before. Please see the  “What is RolePlay” Page for more details.

If you  have Never tried RP, give it a go and allow yourself to get fully immersed in the role you adopt. You maybe surprised how easy it is and yet so fulfilling.

The RolePlay Centre asks that  you understand that this site is always under development as it grows to cater for Many tastes in the RP gaming world.

We have many ideas to bring to this Site and to hopefully make your gaming experience a fuller and more pleasing experience.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to email us. You will find the emial address on the contacts page.

We also ask for any Reviews of RP SIMs that you would like to share on this site.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website, the Administration of will take no responsibility should there be any misleading information posted but once we are made aware, we shall correct it to the best we can.

The Administration also states that we strive to stay with in copyright laws but should anyone who posts upon this site break the said Laws, we will NOT be held responsible. If you feel there are any issues witht he above, please contact us Via email listed on the contacts page

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