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GOR is a fictional planet that revolves around our Sun but is always exactly on the opposite side from Planet Earth, hence is NEVER seen.

John Norman Is the Author who invented the stories of GOR in his 30 books. Also known as Counter Earth, the inhabitants are known as Goreans and life there is a matter of staying alive and keeping safe.

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The flora, fauna, and customs of Gor are intricately detailed.

John Norman, the pseudonym of Dr. John Lange, a professor of philosophy and a classical scholar often delights in ethnography, populating his planet with the equivalents of Roman, Greek, Native American, Viking, and other cultures.

In the novels these various population groups are transplants from Earth brought there by space-craft through the behind the scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance. The Gorean humans are permitted advanced architectural and medical skills (including life extension), but are forced to remain primitive in the fields of transportation and weaponry (at approximately the level of Classical Mediterranean civilization) due to restrictions on technology imposed by the Priest-Kings. This limitation is imposed to ensure the safety of both the Priest-Kings, as well as the other indigenous and transplanted beings on Gor, who would otherwise possibly come to harm due to humans' belligerent tendencies.

The planet Gor has lower gravity than Earth's (which allows for the existence of large flying creatures, and tall towers connected by aerial bridges in the cities), and would have an even lower gravity if not for the technology of the Priest-Kings.

The known geography of Gor consists mainly of the western seaboard of a continent that runs from the Arctic in the north to south of the equator, with the Thassa Ocean to the west, and the Voltai mountain range forming an eastern boundary at many latitudes. There are also offshore islands in the ocean, and some relatively sparsely settled plains to the east of the Voltai. The word "Gor" itself means "home stone" in the Gorean language (the native language of the city-states in the northern temperate region, and a widely spoken lingua franca in many other areas).

(Taken from wikipedia)

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Some Quotes about GOR in SL (Secondlife

SpearsEdge says:” an alien planet not so unlike our own.. a counter Earth if you will... this planet known as Gor however is far harsher and much more extreme.. the people there live as nature intended... the strongest survive, and the weak are allowed to live by the grace of the men whom rule... usually as slaves.... the wildlife differs greatly as well, birds are the size of a bus and most everything in nature is carnivorous... However you may find intelligence where you least expect it.”

Ehnnanola Bogbat says “Game of Thones mixed with Borghese mixed with medievel times mixed with advanced Earth.  ALL mixed to create characters of substance and power.... No matter be it slave, Warrior, Free Women, Panther or Ubar..... Its War... Survival is your only means of living.  Visit SL Gor. Play your Role, Play to Live.”

Sahmirrah says:”Its more interactive than IRC Gor, but with less purists.  Its more open to interpretation and discussion.  There is still as much strong feeling about the correct ways of doing things.  All in all, not being limited to just text makes the Gorean scene in SL more interesting and vibrant.”

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