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The Gorean Recruitment Centre

The Gorean Recruitment Centre (GRC) has been running in Secondlife since Early 2009 and has in this time, provided many people with easy access to Gorean Based SIMS in SecondLife.

The GRC MEMBERS group is a Large and informative group that allows members to send Recruitment notices about their SIMs and groups and to Chat in IMs.

The GRC WEAPONS centre give People the chance to look at and review a large number of weapons in one place and to compare prices.

The GRC itself sits in some pleasant lands that allow people to practice Bow skills, Chill and learn or just “Get away” from it for a  moment.

The GRC also has a large number of NoteCards (NCs)  that explain som e finer points on GOR

What is GOR

The Gorean Recruitment Centre has a number of ways of helping people into the Gorean World in SecondLife.

There are also Many places that will help, such as university. The GRC has 100’s of Ncs that will help your understanding of GOR. But at the end of the day, the “Hands on” Method works well and Many Goreans are Kind and helpful towards new players

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To Visit the GRC in SecondLife, Click the Image to the right