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The Role Play Centre in SecondLife is an “inWorld” centre for all Non Gorean SIMS. This can be anything from Medieval to Star Trek to Post Apocalypse to Fairy Worlds

And they DO exist.

And YOU can be a part of the storylines they create.

Each RP SIM has its own storyline and so we recommend you read any information provided.

Posters in the RPC are in genre to make it easier to navigate around. Currently, the Genres are

American Western, Medieval, Vampire Werewolf, Medieval fantasy, Fantasy, Urban / Modern, Sci Fi / Space Age, Steampunk / Victorian, anceient worlds and Others.

The Walls of the RPC are covered with SIM info Posters, each poster gives out an LM and an NC if provided by the renter.

On the Back wall of the RPC is a Spot for HUD designers to advertise and also for people who Make RP items, Clothes etc

Come and Check out the RPC and see where you  end up.It cold be the beginning of a totally new experience for you.

The RolePlay Centre in SL

We are always looking to “feature RP SIMS” on this Site. If you would like your RP SIM featured on these Pages, please do contatc us on the email provided on the contacts Page

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