The one Stop place to find RP in the Internet

SecondLife is very possibly THE largest RP environment ever created. It Runs on many Servers around the Worlds, all in unison so that every Avatar shares the same space and time.

To create an Avatar in SecondLife, Click on the Blue Hand

To create an account in SecondLife is free. NO  COST. But it is worth checking that your Computer can run the Software. Again, some upgrade are no that expensive.

Once you have Created your AV (Avatar) you can begin your journey. It is worth taking a little time to get used to the controls and maybe to adjust your looks to suit. Once you are inWorld properly, you  will find plenty of ways of enhancing your AV, sometimes Free and others NOT. Take some time to look around, read and get used to where you are.

The Role play Centre and the Gorean Recruitment Centre and some other places do offer totally FREE make overs. Get in touch”inworld” and we will be happy to help. See the contacts Page for Who to get in touch  with.

SecondLife has Tens of Thousands of SIMs, all run by people who have decided to create an alternative World. Some of these SIMs are GAMES. This is where the RolePlay Centre come s in. We aim to help you  find them.

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